Saturday, April 26, 2008

Choosing A High End Mower At Home Depot

When you go shopping at Home Depot for a lawn mower if your looking at push mowers you typically will see three choices. On the lower end is the MTD mowers. Next you'll find the Toro Recycler and Toro Super Recycler mowers. Then for the big spender you'll find Honda Lawn Mowers.

MTD Lawn Mowers are inexpensive typically priced around $150.00 for a push mower with a bagger. MTD mowers are reliable but tend to lack features like self propel and one pull starting.

Toro makes the Toro Recycler and Toro Super Recycler mowers priced from $300 - $450 depending on the model. The Toro Recycler 20066 is one of the more popular models at a very reasonable price. The Toro Recycler line of mowers will start with 1/2 to 1 pull and has the rope etc located in ergonomic positions. Other features like personal pace which moves the mower in a sef propel fasion at whatever pace you walk make the Toro a nice choice.

Honda HRX mowers are priced above $500 sometimes into the $600 range and offer all the great features that the Toro Recycler has but with more detail. Honda has a feature that lets you choose the size of the clippings that reach the bag vs turning into mulch. While nice, the gap between the Honda and Toro is wide so you should do your research carefully.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Minnesota Vikings 2008

So the Minnesota Vikings will open their season with a 6:00pm game against the Green Bay Packers. It will be widely watched as Bret Farve retired and it should be an interesting season for the packers. How they stack up against the Minnesota Vikings on their first game will set the pace for both teams for the 2008 season. The next time the Vikings meet the Packers will be on 11/9 with plenty of other teams in the schedule and a bye week two weeks before that game. The BYE week on the Minnesota Vikings Schedule is on 10/26 so be sure to do something nice for your wife or kids when the Vikings take the week off.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Toyota Has Chicago Covered

Did you know that there are 25 Toyota dealers in the Chicago Illinois area. This is good news for Toyota shoppers. Popular models like the Camary and Prius are easily found in and around Chicago Illinois. What's great about such a vast number of Toyota dealers in one area is competetion. You can not only shop by selectiona and price but visit several Chicago Toyota Dealers and see who captures your attention in terms of good service, fair price and also the quality of their service and repair facilities. Ask if they can help with extended warranty service or even free car washes or oil changes for the life of your Toyota. With so many dealers wanting your business you can afford to shop around for your next car or truck.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Toyota Dealer Coon Rapids

Not exactly a new Toyota Dealer but a new facility for Carlson Toyota has been erected in Coon Rapids Minnesota near the Riverdale shopping center. If you ever saw the old Carlson Toyota building along Coon Rapids Boulevard it wasn't much to see. The new building is an outstanding piece of art showcasing all the latest in Toyota and Scion products. You'll find the new Carlson Toyota building on the frontage road along Highway 10 near the Rainbow Foods building. Faced in glass even driving by you can see all the nice new Toyota cars and trucks on display at Carlson Toyota.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

TrustedInstaller.EXE Pain In The Ass

I've been working with Windows Vista Enterprise a bit and i've found something quite annoying. There are processes that seem to take up 100% of the CPU. Now they don't always individually consume 100% but they each take say 20% and with five of these going at the same time your now using 100% of your CPU and your PC slows down. Trusted Installer is one of these processes that is especially annoying. It seems that it may be related to the windows update service. The name is suspicious but it is ineed part of the Windows Vista operating system.