Saturday, February 24, 2007

Relief From Candida

Here's something i'll bet you didn't know. Candida is a yeast which if allowed to build up in humans or pets will produce nasty side effects. Conditions like brain fog, chronic fatique and constipation are common symptoms of overexposure to Candida. I found a website Flora Balance which offers a great product called Candida Clense, this product says they gaurentee to help clense your body of harmful Candida. To find out if you may have increased levels of Candida they offer a Candida test / questionaire which is very informative. Their product Candida Clense is what Flora Balance sells to provide effective relief from the Candida yeast exposure.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Orkut Tricks

If you are a member of the online community called Orkut your going to like a site I just visited called Orkut Tricks. To just join Orkut is scratching the surface. The tricks and tips you'll find at Orkut Tricks will make you a more effective member of the community. The most recent trick lets you discover who in Orkut has a "crush" on you. Normally your only informed about a crush when you also have added that person to your list. The trick in this tip is to add anyone you can imagine and see what crushes come up. Orkut compete's directly with MySpace but if users of Orkut take advantage of the tips offers they can make Orkut a much better place than MySpace.

Receiver World FTA Sat Guide

An up and comming consumer electronics market you'll want to be aware of is called FTA or Free To Air Satellite Receivers. Apart from learning about the technology you'll need to know which FTA Receiver is the best to purchase. I found a site called Receiver World that does a great job comparing Free To Air receivers. In particular their comparison of the Coolsat 8000 HD and the Viewsat Xtreme are of service to their visitors as there is much to learn before purchasing either model. Both FTA receivers offer great reception especially in the US and Canada but each has unique points and features you'll want to consider before making a purchase.

APEX Credit Cards

From time to time it's wise to evaluate whether your current credit cards are giving you the best rates and offers possible. Credit card companies become comfortable once your promotional rates expire and expect you'll be a lazy consumer who will gladly keep the same card forever. Don't be like that. You should evaluate your current credit cards against the market of other credit cards for credit card offers and promotional rates. APEX Credit Cards makes this easy with their credit card comparison that lets you sort by rate or promotion. You may prefer travel points to purchasing or vehicle promotions and you can select that easily at APEX Credit Cards.

Financial Second Chance.

Everyone deserves a second chance but how many who need help know where to get it? I found a financial site that provides all kinds of information for those who may have damaged their credit and now seek to repair it through tools like bad credit loans or prepaid debit cards. The reason these costly but useful tools are necessary is because once you damage your credit you must use tools and time to regain that trust. The time spent regaining trust by creditors is called being "sub prime", you can still obtain credit but the interest rates are higher than the standard market for credit cards and mortgages. So if you need a second chance, take it but be responsible use tools and time to rebuild trust.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Online Drivers Education

When I did my drivers education over 20 years ago I sat in a classroom for a week watching videos in an effort to obtain my drivers permit. Today all has changed, many states allow for online drivers education which saves both time and money. Students today can obtain their drivers education in gaps of time that work best for them. Whether between work, sports or school you can become fully educated and ready for your drivers permit with the training provided by the website I visited called Online Drivers Education. The training at this site satisfies state DMV requirements and you can see if your site is accepting this training by visiting the site.

Texas Online Driver Education

Kids today are busy as ever so it's no surprise that kid related education like drivers education has gone onlin. If your seeking out the Texas drivers education that will allow you to obtain a drivers permit you need to check out this website with online drivers training approved by the Texas DMV. If you need to do your drivers training off line you can simply choose to receive a CD-Rom where you can complete the training and prepare yourself for the exam that will ensure you receive your Texas drivers permit.

California Driver Education

Every parent worries about obtaining the best driver education for their children. Kids these days live fast and unfortunately die young so it's important to get them the best driver training possible. California parents are lucky to have such a resource. Not only does the website I found provide California Driver Education, but it does so online. Now kids and parents can better their driving skills in the pockets of time that they find convenient. The training provided at the California approved online driver education website is approved by the California DMV. If over the age of 15 1/2 you can turn in your certificate and obtain a drivers permit in California.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Credit Cards 121 Card Comparison UK

UK shopppers are lucky to have a resource to compare credit cards like Credit Cards 121. This is a financial website which offers credit card advice and credit card comparison to help you make better decisions. When shopping to obtain a new credit card it's important to match yourself with a card that fits your financial needs and goals. Some cards offer 0% balance transfers, others offer points or flexible payment schedules. Be sure to educate yourself before signing up to get the best offer possible.

UK 0% Credit Cards

If your in the market for a new credit card it's important to shop around. The key is to compare credit cards to ensure you have the best deal. Some credit cards have low interest rates, 0% Balance Transfers, and some offer points to redeem for cash and gifts. The trick is to look at your situation, why you want the credit card and then choose the credit card that best meets your situation and goals. The website i've found takes many UK 0% Credit Cards and puts the to the test so you can make the best choices possible.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

UK Online Insurance Quotes

UK residents who own a home, car, pet or travel occassionally will benefit from a visit to Insure 121. This website is an insurance portal providing a wealth of information on car insurance, home insurance and even pet insurance. To protect your assets you simply must have insurance but that doesn't mean you can buy smart by obtaining multiple quotes and comparing plans. The best approach is to educate yourself about how insurance policies are written and what terms can mean. Then you can compare the price of car insurance or home insurance against other companies and make a wise decision.

Nations Finance UK

These days it really pays to get educated about your finances. As time has passed the financial world has gotten more complicated. With issues like identity theft on the rise it's critical you educate yourself to be a more savy person. Nations Finance is a UK Financial Comparision website that acts as a one stop shop for learning about loans, remortgages, and interesting topics like Payment Protection Insurance. Another interesting aspect of websites like Nations Finance is their willingness to cover financial topics that are a bit unusual like the "Mate Rates" which are mortgages shared by a group of friends. It's cutting edge in formation that gives this website a leg up on the others.

Credit Rate Comparison For UK Customers

I found a financial website for UK customers which should prove to be very handy. The site is called Onlystop.Com and providea a one stop portal for all things related to Credit Cards, Mortgages, Insurance and even Savings Accounts. The tool that is most handy is their various comparison tables that allow you to compare things like credit cards against many offers to see how they differ. The same can be said for their mortgage comparison tables which will save both time and money.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Car Buyer Website

So your old clunker of a car is costing you money each month in repairs and you need another vehicle. Maybe you don't want the expense of monthly payments that a new car will bring so you shop for a used car online in the local classifieds. You'll find many vehicles wildly priced which will have you wondering is it a good deal? The trick to getting a good deal and buying the right car is to be an educated shopper. I found a car website that covers many aspects of buying a car. This includes whether to trade in your old car or sell it to opinions about car related vendors like Carfax. Before you shop get smart by reading a few articles on car websites like this.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Loan Wize Financial Education

For any young person one of the critical skills not taught well enough to them is how to manage their finances. Young folks enter the works after school unprepared to manage their own money in a responsible way. For these folks they must do their own research to learn about loans and saving and the many financial options they face. One such area is learning about loans. Everyone needs a loan at some point and it's critical you choose the proper loan for your situation. I found a site called Loan Wize that teaches the difference between personal loans and secured loans and guides the visitor to choose the loan that best fits their situation.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Online Legal Help

Navigating legal issues can be tough for most people. Anytime you can find online legal help you can consider yourself lucky because legal help is expensive. I found a legal web directory that can be of assistance in finding online legal help to get you through the tough times. First look through the legal practice specialties listed and choose the one that matches your situation. Then view the websites listed in the online legal directory including free and those that sponsor the directory. You'll be sure to find what you want among the 1000's of legal websites listed here.

Best Web Directories

I found a web site where you can find free web listings and even submit your own. This is a directory that contains both free and paid web directories and you can submit your website to 1000's as long as your site is related to a niche they cover. This is a website that stands out as a manual submission service where you can leave it to them to manually submit your website to directories for just a small fee. Leaving you free time to create additional websites and content.

Tax Shelters Directory

Once you start to make real money you may want to look into options to help you pay the minimum amount of income tax. I found a directory of offshore tax shelter information that will give you ideas on sheltering your money possibly offshore. Tax Shelters Directory contains links to 1000's of tax related websites and will provide you with a great general education on sheltering your income from the taxman.

Devmagic Software Directory

Sometimes when I need a tool for use with a website I have to do alot of searching on the internet. I found that it's worth my time to start the search at DevMagic.Com Software Directory. Searching for business and productivity software and tools and utilities couldn't be easier at DevMagic.Com Software. Simply click the category describing the type of software or tool you need. Then if you find what you need download the tool. Folks who create software and scripts can also submit their works to DevMagic.Com Software which will be appreciated by visitors to this software directory website.

Werner And Blank Web Directory

I found another web directory you might like. Directory offers you the chance to submit a url into their listing of 1000's of other websites. First drill into a category related to your website. Then submit a url offering the needed information for Directory to properly post your website in their directory. Submitting to directories like Werner And Blank will help your SEO efforts through the building of valuable backlinks to your site.

Link Exchange Network Directory

Every webmaster knows that the path to high rankings in search engines are to obtain intenet links that point at your website. Links act like votes and the more you have the better your changes of obtaining a good position in the search engines. You might want to check out the directory if your looking for a source for creating those valuable link exchanges with other webmasters. First find a category on the link exchange directory that matches the topic of your website. Next visit the site of a webmaster who has one like yours. Hit them up for an exchange of internet links and your on your way.

Travel Directory

Looking for travel ideas on where to take that next trip? I found a great travel directory where I can spend lots of time browsing travel related websites. Once I was trying to learn more about Yellowstone National Park, rather than Google for it I checked it out in this travel directory and found a slew of sites offering pictures and information on travelling to Yellowstone National Park. Next time I travel around the US and abroad i'll be sure to check out this travel directory to get more information before booking.

Directory Of Directories

Speaking of directories, if your new or experienced at running websites you'll always appreciate lists of web directories. You can then look at the choices and decide which web directories you might want to submit to. Directory Of Directories offers a free directories list that will keep you very busy and be handy to use as you create new websites and perform good SEO on your existing ones. Directory Of Directories offers over 4500 web directories you can submit to today so visit them today.

101 SEO Resources

Beginners and expers will all find something useful at and you will too. At 101-SEO-Resources.Com you'll find a directory for webmasters who need information and tools related to SEO and basic webmaster issues. One such took is the keyword ranking tools offered at 101-SEO-Resources.Com. I use the keyword ranking tools to help me find new website niches and ideas, the perfect activity when I have a case of writers block.

Deeplink Internal Links

Speaking of web directories, I found one that puts a great twist on the directory format. Deeplink.US internal links is a web directory that accept only internal links. Deeplink.US requests that webmasters submit deep links to their most unique web page on their site to help them build a collection of deep links to pages that exist away from the home page. In fact, Deeplink.US accepts no home page links in their directory making their focus truely on the Deeplinks within your site.

CBravo Web Directory

One of the first things I do once I have a good start on a web site is submit to my favorite human edited SEO friendly web directories. Some are free while others charge a review fee before including your site in their directory. One such is Web Directory, I like to begin with CBravo.Com because they have a page rank of 5, lots of back links and each page uses a separate title which is more SEO friendly than web directories that use a template with all pages being the same. If you are not convinced why you should use Cbravo or other web directories you can visit their site and read exactly why a submission will improve your search engine rankings.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Debt Forum & Blog

If your like me, i'm responsible with credit and debt yet worry about my debt health. If you want to follow someone who is working on improving their own Debt Health thorugh a blog you'll want to check back on this often. Details most of us won't reveal are here and will help you on the track to better debt health. Fellowship is often the way to get started and this personal debt blog and website will give us inspiration and a path to follow.

Zero APR Credit Cards

For most people we carry a balance on a credit card and as we pay it off we move it to a zero APR credit card and then look for other offers that we can use to keep the balance transferring from Zero APR credit card to another. While some might view this as risky if you look at the return on your money, it's not a bad idea if you can make a better return on your money. Chase has some good offers for credit card balance transfers that offer the best deal on the credit card market. For a comparison in free balance transfer offers you'll want to view the site to determine which might work best for you or your small business.

Business Credit Card Information

If you run a business you certainly don't want to mix your personal credit with business credit. For this you need a business credit card to keep things separate for legal and tax reasons. For additional information on how Small Business Credit Cards are necessary and helpful keep reading the entire site. If you decide to obtain a business credit card for your own small business compare the credit card offers on the site to find the business credit card that meets the needs of your business.

Wall Steet Journal Prime Rate

Ever wonder what that magical "Prime Rate" is or means? Almost every loan you receive from a bank is based on what the Prime Rate happens to be at the time. The Wall Street Journal Prime Rate is the basis for what your consumer rate is based off of. I found a site that explains how this rate is set and in many cases referred to as the Fed Prime Rate and controls how much you'll pay for a mortgage or car or refinance. Lastly if you want to see the prime rate history you'll find a section to show patterns in how the Fed changes the prime rate.

Cheetah Find Free Stuff For The Web

I found a site called Cheetah Find that offers lots of free stuff on the web. For webmasters there is a free web directory. For novice webmasters you can find free web templates and clipart which make creating a website much easier. Other things you'll find at Cheetah Find Web Directory are calculators that help you check body mass index and credit card and payment related calculators that help all of us.

SEO Haiku - SEO Tips Blog You'll Like

I love blogs from other webmasters. I don't care if it's SEO or general webmaster related content. I love the SEO tips that some blogs offer, and others just have great opinions of things that affect me as well. Like reading the comments on SEO blogs reading actual posts on SEO or Webmaster blogs give you an insight in whether your alone in your opinions or whether others think like you. This particular blog SEO Haiku covers a wade aray of topics from what Google is doing to general topics like politics and movie reviews. This is a blog you'll want to mark as a favorite as it changes alot.

Funny News That Will Make You Say WTF?

I love these type of websites. This is one that purely offers Funny News that will have you thinking WTF? You won't believe the stuff they dig up. Recent posts profile the amount of water flushed during Superbowl halftime and a sex offender winning the lottery ( Scary! ) Imagine the lawyer he can now hire. Keep watching this site containing Funny News as you'll be entertained with each visit.

Make Your Home And Garden Unique

As a homeowner i'm always trying to find things to make my home and landscape unique from my neighbors. It's just too easy to go to Home Depot or Lowes and buy the garden stuff they offer that my neighbors already have. I found a place on the web offering Home & Garden Decor items that will make your neighbors jealous. Ever seen Gnomes with Lights? Bamboo fountains and even accessories for the interior of your home? You will likley be as impressed as I was, I may even find something to surprise the wife.

Great Webmaster Blog

As a webmaster and someone into online marketing I appreciate it when I find another blog that helps other webmasters. Typically these offer tips on webmaster tools or SEO tips. Not too many willingly share such SEO tips for fear of competition. Zen Photo Themes is not such a blog, I happened across it today and found right off the bat a useful guide to which directories offer the best SEO benefits. Another article offers help with Adsense niches and link building through article submission. I'll plan to revisit this blog to improve my own online marketing efforts. You should too.

Cool Car Wallpaper

I'm a total car guy so anytime I find something other car lovers would like I try to draw attention to it. I found a website with free car wallpaper that has something for everyone. I myself am a fan of Chrysler or Acura and my interests are well represented at Private Wallpapers. Many of the wallpaper images are concept cars which makes it extra cool and likley to draw attention from anyone who walks by your PC. If you are looking for Car Wallpapers you simply must have a look, you can even bookmark the site and change your car wallpaper each month.

Sick Scripts Good For Webmastes And Users

I found a site that benefits both Webmasters and visitors, (which are probably other webmasters). The site is called Sick Scripts and at first glance might appear to be another repository for PHP, CGI, Flash, ASP and other scripts that you might use on your own website. The cool thing about Sick Scripts is that as a submitter you get some SEO friendly credit. You get up to 4 links back to your own site and unlike some dynamic or redirecting type links, these are real SEO friendly links. This does two things. 1: It creates an incentive for folks to freely submit their scripts which would be useful to visitors. 2: It creates an environment for visitors that fosters more scripts and better quality scripts. Everyone is rewarded at Sick Scripts which makes this one of those Internet win win situations.