Sunday, January 08, 2012

New Place To Post Your Sportster Pictures

If you are like alot of Sportster owners you are proud of your ride. Sporty owners are a clan unto themselves because the motorcycle they choose to ride is often disrespected and deemed a starter Harley or girls bike. Well for those Sportster owners who have customized their rides and maybe chopped or bobbed their bikes they now have a place to show of pictures of Sportsters and also review and comment on other posters pictures. The format is a blog so it is very interactive. You can read about other riders and their customizations and also comment and ask questions. There is even a new Facebook page dedicated to the love of the Harley Davidson Sportster. While choppers are preferred you'll find categories for Sportsters with apehangers, raked front ends, choppers and bobbers. Pictures from around the world are featured here so come on and check it out.