Sunday, November 28, 2010

Who Is Atalanta?

Who is Atalanta? Atalanta is a character in Greek mythology who was born in Arcadia (a region of Greece) and abandoned by her father after birth and left to fend for herself on a wild hillside. After being raised by a bear, Atalanta was found by hunters and raised with them. Her upbringing gave her a love of hunting which was to last a lifetime.

Who is Atalanta? Her popularity comes from her participation in sporting activities primarily created by Atlanta Ford , and for, men; as such, she is known as being the first female athlete. There are many different versions telling of Atalanta’s exploits. She is known to have taken part in the Calydonian Boar Hunt despite the opposition of male hunters, and she managed to draw first blood from the boar as well as kill two centaurs that attempted to rape her.

Later in Atalanta’s life, she agreed to marry the man who could beat her in a foot race. Atalanta knew she was the fastest human on earth and that nobody could beat her. However, a man named Hippomenes succeeded, but only after tricking Atalanta by dropping three golden apples, causing her to stop.

Finally, Atalanta met her fate due to one of the most primitive instincts of mankind: lust. She let herself be seduced in the Temple of Zeus by her husband and, in anger, the god Zeus turned them both into lions. In a nutshell, the answer to ‘who is Atalanta?’ is simply that Atalanta was the first female athlete in the world, according to Greek mythology.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Start Your Sturgis 2011 Planning Today

Just because it's 10 degrees and the snow is flying doesn't mean you can't start getting into that Sturgis Spirit today. I love the Sturgis Rally so I always start planning my Sturgis trip in the dead of winter. How about a Christmas gift related to the Sturgis 2011 Rally for example a Glencoe Campground wrist band is just $150 and who wouldn't love to receive a "ticket to Sturgis" by way of a Glencoe wristband. In winter I start scouring the Sturgis websites like the Full Throttle Saloon, Buffalo Chip and Glencoe to see who is having what concert, who has made improvements etc. To me Sturgis really starts in the winter when I start planning for Sturgis 2011 to make the day I leave for that ride to South Dakota even sweeter. So with that in mind, so much to do so many options to book for camping concerts and lodging what are your plans for Sturgis 2011?

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Texas Workforce

The Texas Workforce Commission is in charge of managing assistance for employers and employees in the state of Texas as it relates to employment, job hiring, unemployment benefits and unemployment taxes and claims. The Texas Workforce Commission runs a great website called also which is another Texas website related to the Texas Workforce Commission. The website reroutes to which has a tagline of work in Texas, Find A Job, Find A Employee, Find another reason to love Texas.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Alabama Unemployment Rate Is Falling

One of the bright spots on the unemployment landscape is happening in Alabama. The Alabama Unemployment rate has fallen to just 8.9% finally a bit below the national average of 9.6% Hopefully this is a start of a new trend and is seems so as the Alabama unemployment statistics have fallen for the past five months which is more than many states can brag about. The holiday season should help Alabama with retain stores adding at least seasonal help to get through Christmas and the after Thanksgiving holiday.

Mass Unemployment Login Down

If you are receiving or applying for Massachusetts Unemployment benefits you might be a tad frustrated tonight. The Mass unemployment login at doesn't seem to be up at this time. There are actually three separate login screens depending on what Massachusetts unemployment related service or function you are trying to access. To claim your weekly Massachusetts unemployment benefits you should use the Mass login at however to view your unemployment payment status and other information check out the login at and finally to setup or change your direct deposit where your Massachusetts unemployment benefits are deposited use the login at . Being Sunday it may be that the Mass unemployment login links are just down due to system maintenance. Check again Monday to find out for sure.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Did You Get Your California Unemployment Extension?

With the unemployment rate continuing to be high in California many unemployed residents are still pursuing more and more extension of their unemployment benefits. While unemployment benefites have been extended in the past the continued recession, additional borrowing and change of the political climate may spell the end for any California unemployment extension of benefits. If you have been unemployed picking up an extension here and there it would be good to start making plans to take any job that will get you by. Without further unemployment extensions we'll see those who were fairly choosy about what job they take accepting anything that will help pay the bills. This may also eventually help the economy with more people working, even at jobs they hate it will put more money in the economy and slowly but eventually get things moving again. Then those underemployed persons can go find the work they really want to do and perhaps even move up in the organization from which they accepted a lower paying and lower status position.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Colorado Unemployment Holds 8%

Recent unemployment data shows the state of Colorado unemployment rate is holding steady at 8%. While below the national average unemployment rate of 9.6% this is likley unacceptable to the many thousands of redidents receiving Colorado Unemployment benefits. In order to make being unemployed more bearable many investments have been made into processes and systems to deliver unemployment benefits in a more efficient manner. Take for example the CoWorkForce.Com website that assists those in Colorado seeking unemployment benefits with obtaining information and forms needed to start and maintain the process. This also helps Colorado save money by not tying up phone lines and staffing up unemployment centers. While technology in some cases causes unemployment technology can also make being unemployed more bearable.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Love The New Ford Mustang

The 2011 Ford Mustang is slick, I saw it at the Winder Ford Dealer in Georgia which I think is called Akins Ford. I love how they took the 1960's look of the Mustang and modernized it but kept the traits that let you know this is a monster of a pony car from the muscle car 60's. The Ford Dealer had a ton of Mustangs in stock many colors and a wide array of options so i'd think anyone wanting one of the new Ford Mustangs could find one in the price range they might need.