Saturday, November 27, 2010

Start Your Sturgis 2011 Planning Today

Just because it's 10 degrees and the snow is flying doesn't mean you can't start getting into that Sturgis Spirit today. I love the Sturgis Rally so I always start planning my Sturgis trip in the dead of winter. How about a Christmas gift related to the Sturgis 2011 Rally for example a Glencoe Campground wrist band is just $150 and who wouldn't love to receive a "ticket to Sturgis" by way of a Glencoe wristband. In winter I start scouring the Sturgis websites like the Full Throttle Saloon, Buffalo Chip and Glencoe to see who is having what concert, who has made improvements etc. To me Sturgis really starts in the winter when I start planning for Sturgis 2011 to make the day I leave for that ride to South Dakota even sweeter. So with that in mind, so much to do so many options to book for camping concerts and lodging what are your plans for Sturgis 2011?