Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Did You Get Your California Unemployment Extension?

With the unemployment rate continuing to be high in California many unemployed residents are still pursuing more and more extension of their unemployment benefits. While unemployment benefites have been extended in the past the continued recession, additional borrowing and change of the political climate may spell the end for any California unemployment extension of benefits. If you have been unemployed picking up an extension here and there it would be good to start making plans to take any job that will get you by. Without further unemployment extensions we'll see those who were fairly choosy about what job they take accepting anything that will help pay the bills. This may also eventually help the economy with more people working, even at jobs they hate it will put more money in the economy and slowly but eventually get things moving again. Then those underemployed persons can go find the work they really want to do and perhaps even move up in the organization from which they accepted a lower paying and lower status position.