Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New York Unemployed To Scub Subways?

I just read that the MTA may require that anyone receiving New York unemployment benefits to work for their benefits scrubbing the subways of New York. The program would provide New York City with cheap labor to clean the subway. MTA also is pointing out that using those on NYS Unemployment Benefits it is also a way to provide job training possibly leading to full time employment. This is to cover the loss of 173 cleaner positions who were laid off a year ago. The program is receiving favorable reviews from New York residents who would like to see those receiving unemployment benefits putting in some work. Oddly this was tried in the past an it was determined that it was cheaper to go without the free labor from the unemployed.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Charlotte County Ford Port Charlotte Ford Dealer

Call it Charlotte County Ford, Don Gasgarth's Ford or just the Port Charlotte Ford Dealer, you'll love the selection offered by this Port Charlotte Florida Ford dealership. The staff at Charlotte County Ford are excellent and you'll find them helpful and without pressure. If your Ford car or truck needs service, then this Port Charlotte Ford dealer is where to go for a job well done. From sales, to service to parts and fleet service, Charlotte County Ford is sure to impress, visit them today.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pet Photography In Minnesota

Are you looking to capture a moment, or get some great portraits or photographs of or with your pet? Maybe you've bought a new puppy and want to get baby pictures of the new puppy? Finding the right Minnesota pet photography business to capture those moments is critical since your puppy will only be small and cute for a short time. The right pet photographer makes all the difference as they are experienced in getting the right shots of your pet or of you and your pet together. Many will provide various choices in backgrounds and settings. Some mobile pet photographers will even come to your home or other location. One piece of advice. Find a pet photographer who will provide not only prints but a CD-Rom that you can use to share digital versions of the pictures with friends and family.

Finding Pet Boarding In Minnesota

Are you headed out for a vacation or business trip and need a safe place to keep your dog or cat? If you can find a great Minnesota pet boarding facility you can have that freedom to leave home when needed. Depending on the size and needs of your pet your choices for pet boarding vary widely. Starting with your vet, most vet clinics offer boarding services and will monitor and walk your pet and feed. However your pet is likely to spend the time in a kennel and may not have someone on site overnight. More full featured pet boarding facilities in Minnesota function more like a dog park and are staffed 24 hours per day. Some high end pet boarding hotels offer outside play areas and even pools and spa services for your dog. One nicer feature at some dog hotels is the ability to have grooming services performed while your pet is staying. This can be a real time saver to have your pet cleaned or trimmed while you vacation or handle business that requires travel. Pet boarding is not cheap but you can certainly price shop to find the best match for your budget. By choosing the right pet boarding hotel you can relax and enjoy your travel knowing your pet is being well cared for.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Raw Hides Are Not Good Dog Toys

Do you give your dog raw hide toys? Did you know that when your dog eats pieces of a raw hide they can become stuck in your dog's intestines? Many dog owners give their dogs a rawhide as one of the many dog toys they give their best friend. Unknown to them while raw hides are cheap and dogs love them they are very bad for your pet. There are chemicals used to make the raw hide ready for sale that are not good for your dog. More seriously if you've ever watched a raw hide toy through its lifecycle it ends up as a slimy piece of wet rawhide. When your dog swallows pieces or the big remaining chunk or the rawhide it sits in your dogs belly which isn't good. Worse, if it starts to pass it can become stuck in your dog and cause a blockage which could make your dog sick, or even kill your pet without expensive painful surgery. So next time you see raw hide dog toys at the store pass and choose something more healthful.

Monday, March 14, 2011

House Rental On Craigslist

One of the major things that has changed in the past ten years is the classified advertising business. Formerly dominated by your local newspaper then punched by eBay, your local newspaper has been nearly crushed by Craigslist which allows for free classified advertising to anyone. Take for example House Rental on Craigslist where in any state or city you can easily find a house or apartment for rent. Formerly you had to get the local paper, landlords had to pay big bucks to advertise a house or apartment or townhouse for rent. Renters had very little choice and if a landlord was to cheap to post an ad you never saw that unit on the market. Now with Craigslist you can view houses for rent, apartments for rent and search by the number of bedrooms and price and whether you can have a dog or cat. Try that with a newspaper. Yes Craigslist has changed the classified game for the better especially when it comes to house rental.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Minnesota Unemployment Down To 6.7%

More Minnesotans have gone back to work as seen by the Minnesota Unemployment rate dropping to 6.7%. This is fantastic news as fewer people draw Minnesota Unemployment Benefits as we head into 2011. However this could change as cities, counties and Minnesota state governments look at laying off workers to reduce gaps in local budgets. In the coming weeks it will be critical to watch how the Minnesota legislature and Governor Mark Dayton choose to close the budget gap. This could come in two forms that will raise the Minnesota unemployment rate. One the state could lay off workers who they deem non-critical, obviously these workers would draw unemployment compensation for some period of time. Second cuts to LGA which is local government aid could cause Minnesota cities to also lay off workers who would then apply for unemployment benefits causing the rate to rise from 6.7% to an unknown number. Lastly projects could be cut at the state, county and city level making other workers vulnerable. So drink the champagne quickly as the celebration of a 6.7% unemployment rate could be short lived.