Monday, March 23, 2009

cannot copy this folder because it may contain private items

Problem: Unable to move folders in a non-person Exchange mailbox. Error message states "cannot copy this folder because it may contain private items"

Solution: Open up the non-person mailbox as an Outlook profile of it's own. You'll need to do this for every mailbox that you receive the error "cannot copy this folder because it may contain private items" in. Click Tools, Click Options. Click the Delegates tab. Click the Add button. Add any persons who should be able to move folders. Then click on Inbox and give Editor rights. Click the Delegate can see my private items option and click ok to save.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Restore DNS Windows 2003

If you need to restore DNS on Windows 2003 to another server here is one method that works for me. I use it to backup DNS on one web server and restore it on another windows 2003 web server at my hosting company godaddy. I use the Godaddy Virtual Private Servers and try to make then identical. The reason I mention my use of DNS at my hosting provider is that this is not written for active directory enabled zones etc. Just for restoring my simple primary DNS zones.

To restore DNS zones on Windows 2003 first stop the DNS server on both servers using net stop DNS or using the services gui.
Then copy the contents of the c:\windows\system32\dns folder to the same folder on the server that you want to restore DNS on.
Next go to regedit on the server that your backing up DNS on and find the key HKLM\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\Current Version\DNS Server\Zones
Highlight this key and export it to a .reg file. Copy that file to your new DNS server and double click it to import your zones into your registry.
Now start the DNS service by running net start DNS. You might also reboot the dns server and you "should" see your newly restored zones in DNS.
In my case when restoring DNS it took a bit of time for some reason so if at first you don't see your restored DNS zones be patiend and perhaps time and reboots will finally show up.

IIS Restore Invalid Signature

If you are trying to restore IIS and receive an Invalid Signature error trying to restore the IIS Metabase you must make a small tweak to ensure you can restore the IIS Metabase to another windows server. What probably happened is that you created a backup to the c:\windows\system\inetsrv folder and copied it to the new server and tried to restore IIS but you get Invalid Signature. The problem is that you didn't set a password so the backup is not portable. So simply redo your work. Create a new backup of the IIS Metabase and choose the option to "Encrypt Backup Using Password" and assign it a password. Then recopy the backup configurtion to the new server in the c:\windows\system32\inersrv folder. Then retry to restore IIS and point to your copied backup files. This time it will ask for a password and will restore IIS successfully.

Arizona Unemployment Rate 7.4 Percent

Today I read that the Arizona Unemployment rate has increased to 7.4 percent. I had actually expected Arizona to have a higher rate of unemployment due to the large population. I thought it migh be more like California near 10 percent with certain cities headed towards 20 percent unemployment. Still with 7.4 percent unemployment there are many people hurting in Arizona. Lots more people will need to know about the Arizona unemployment application process as well as many others seeing a Arizona unemployment extension of benefits. The key with unemployment is to follow the process and play by the rules. Unemployment insurance is not a welfare benefit, it's merely a stop gap to keep you able to pay bills and seek other employment. If you use unemployment insurance as it was intended you'll be quite successful.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dick Smith Ford

For over 50 yeard Dick Smith Ford has been serving the Kansas City area for great Ford sales and service. The customers of this Raytown Ford dealer have been relaying on this dealership to provide new and used Ford vehicles at a fair price. Today's recession has shifted the people spend their automotive dollars. Instead of buying new vehicles and financing them many are spending their money in the repair shop keeping their used Ford vehicles on the road. Dick Smith Ford does its part by providing great Ford service at a fair price. Ford dealers that have great service departments will weather this economic storm because while sales of new Ford vehicles have slowed, service and maintenance by customers who trust their Ford dealer will improve as people become more trifty with what money they can retain.

How To Submit A Texas Unemployment Application

If you need to fill out a Texas unemployment application, you can access one online at or you can complete your application over the phone using Tele-serv by calling 1-800-558-8321. Although you can access general information 24 hours a day, if you want to apply for Texas unemployment insurance benefits, you will need to call between the hours of 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. You can also request payment and check the status of your claim either online or over the phone. You will find, however, that there are many more options for you by using the Internet.

If you don’t have Internet access, you can either complete your Texas unemployment application at the public library or at your local Workforce center. You will need to have your social security number handy and you will also need to have your PIN (Personal Identification Number). This is something you will set up the first time you apply for benefits; however, you will need your PIN each time you access your account either over the phone or via the Internet. When you apply for your unemployment insurance benefits online, you will also have access to a benefits handbook that will guide you through each step of the process.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Georgia Unemployment Application Information

For individuals interested in filling out a Georgia unemployment application, a visit to the Georgia Department of Labor website is in order. The latter site is accessible at:
A full and comprehensive manual related to the regulations associated with filling out a Georgia unemployment application is accessible at the Georgia Department of Labor too. In order to begin a case the individual interested in filling out a Georgia unemployment application must visit his or her local career center to get the process started. To find the local career centers in the state of Georgia, one can visit the Georgia Department of Labor website for a complete alphabetical listing at:
Each listing gives a physical address and telephone contact number for career centers within the state of Georgia.
Once an individual is properly approved for Georgia Unemployment Benefits he or she can do a number of things via the Internet for ease of claim processing. Weekly benefits can be filed for online, the recipient of benefits can also indicate an interest in receiving payments via direct deposit, and any queries about payments can be made via the Internet as well. An identification pin will be required in order to process the information online.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Unemployment Eligibility For Texas Citizens

Texas is one of the largest states in the US and keeps on par with most states in terms of unemployment. Being home to the boom and bust oil industry as well as being a target for natural disaters Texas has always had its share of unemployment claims. Add to those items the current recession and there are a lot of Texans seeking unemployment benefits. To be eligible for unemployment in Texas you must be prepared to provide a valid social security number, name address and phone number of your previous employer and be able to demonstrate your wage information. This information is used to calculate your unemployment benefits. When receiving unemployment be prepared to track and report all of your work hours on a weekly basis. Work too many hours and you could find your unemployment benefit reduced or eliminated. In Texas you can submit an application for unemployment by phone or do so online or just walk into a Texas unemployment office where you can obtain assistance by a real human. Unemployment benefits are merely a safety net for you to use while seeking other employment. They key is to follow all the rules to maintain your eligibility for these benefits.

Saturday, March 07, 2009

Illinois Unemployment Rate

Today I read that the unemployment rate in Illinois had reached about 7.3 percent. While lower than the national average Illinois is not doing as well as other states like Colorado which are struggling but not doing as poorly as other states. I had a friend who lived in Chicago and just could not find a job. He had to apply for Illinois unemployment benefits because he just could not find a job in Illinois. His plan was to live in Chicago for awhile and save up for his eventual move to Colorado but after 6 months of unemployment in Illinois he decided just to make the move because the job market was simply better in the Denver Colorado area. States that have been more responsible with their tax revenue and less generous with their social welfare are likley to attract talented employees who come from high unemployment states seeking quality jobs. Because these talented employees are likley to find unemployment in lower unemployment states those state should thrive in the long run.