Monday, July 28, 2008

Motorola H500 Pin And Pairing

My wife was nice enough to buy me a Motorola H500 bluetooth headset for our anniversary. I removed it from the package and paired it with my Palm Treo 755p and tossed the instructions. For some reason a few weeks later it stopped working and I needed to perform the setup of the H500 all over again. Stupid me tossed the instructions and I lost the procedure and pin for the H500. I found a website where pairing the H500 couldnt' be easier and they even provide the H500 pin. Which is 0000 by the way. I had my headset setup again and printed the website so i'll have it for future use.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Payday America Fees

I was checking out the fee structure for a local Payday Loan company in Minnesota called Payday America. As you would expect for Payday Loans the APR for a typical loan is quite high. You'll see APR's of 228%-737% depending on the amount of money you borrow. The smaller the loan you take from Payday America the higher the APR. While you might expect the interst cost to be high the APR is actually constructed by combining an annual fee, cash advance charge and interest rate so when you look at them individually the Payday Loan at Payday America isn't so unreasonable. The raw interest charges range from $1.28 to $11.59 but you need to add that to annual fee from $2.00 - $50.00 and a cash advance fee of $25 or $30 again depending on how much you borrow. So you need to decide for yourself if a cash advance loan from Payday America is worth the price you'll pay in the end.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Houlihans Pittsburgh Galleria Mall

One of my favorite places to eat when shopping at the Galleria Mall in Pittsburgh is Houlihans. No reservation necessary we just drop in and can always get a seat in a booth, table or if they are busy we just sit at the bar. I love the staff at this Pittsburgh Houlihans because they are friendly and always have great suggestions when i'm not sure what to order. I can't say i've ever had a bad meal at Houlihans and ending the day there from shopping is a great way to tie off a nice weekend or evening out.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Two Annandale Ford Dealers?

I didn't know this but there are actually two Annandale Ford Dealers one is located in Annandale Minnesota called Lundeen Brothers Ford and the other is out east in Annandale Virginia called Jerry's Ford. Looking at the websites of these Ford Dealers i'm impressed, both seem to carry alot of cars. Both Annandale Ford dealers seem to emphasize the level of service the customer will receive and both offer not only a professional service department but help with extended warranties and financing. So whether your in Minnesota or Virgina you'll have an Annandale Ford dealer to meet all your needs.

Heintz Toyota Mankato

If your passing through Mankato Minnesota stop on in to Heintz Toyota where you'll find a huge selection of new and used Toyota vehicles. This Mankato Toyota dealer is known for a high level of service and excellence. Being a large city, Mankato is a hub for retail shopping and having a quality Toyota dealer in Mankato has really been asset to those living in and around the city. Many Minnesotans shop at the Twin Cities Toyota dealers like Toyota City in Brooklyn Park. With a great shop and sales floor at Heintz Toyota it saves shoppers in Mankato the 90 minute trip to the Twin Cities area.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Maple Grove Makes 41st Best Place To Live In 2008

A recent story by CNN ranks Maple Grove MN number 41st in the best places to live. While not surprising the reasons for this lie in the shopping and natural ammenities that exist within and surrounding Maple Grove. Take for example new high end restaurants like Pittsburgh Blue that have located to Maple Grove. Add to this more high end shopping in walkable malls like the Shoppes At Arbor Lakes and combine with public pools and community centers, great schools and lots of lakes with public access and you've got a community envied all around Minnesota. What started as a barron gravel pit has been developed into the pride of the region, a huge retail and restaurant wonderland that makes up a series of malls and real estate and office developments. Maple Grove also has great festivals like Maple Grove Days featuring contests, music and fireworks as well as an excellent parade which draws crowds on a yearly basis.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Maple Grove Rocks!

Laste weekend my wife and I were shopping at the Smith and Hawken store in Maple Grove. This particualr Smith And Hawken is located in the Shoppes At Arbor Lakes Mall just off highway 94 and Hemlock. We found a great outdoor patio table that will look awesome on our back patio. What was really nice is the outdoor mall that the Smith and Hawken sits in has all kinds of mature plantings, fountains and plenty of seating so on a nice day you can cool your heels and just do some people watching while enjoying a nice weekend day. IblogID

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Toyota City In Brooklyn Park

Located on Brooklyn Boulevard you'll find one of the best Toyota dealers in the Twin Cities area. This Brooklyn Park Toyota dealer carries a wide selection of new and used vehicles. Mostly Toyota and Scion but all makes of pre owned cars are available at Toyota City. One thing that customers like about Toyota City is the late service hours. You can bring in or pick up your Toyota for service until 2:00am Monday - Thursday. The staff at Toyota City have always met my expectations and I am betting they'll exceed yours. You can call Toyota City at 1-877-676-4400.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Kolar Automotive Group Duluth

Did you know that the Kolar Automotive Group is the top group of car dealerships north of the Twin Cities? The Kolar Automotive Group has a great group of Duluth Car Dealerships like Kolar Toyota, Chevolet Scion Pontiac and Buick as well as Hyundai. In Duluth you can find the Kolar Autoworld at 218-733-0100 for GM in Cloquet 218-879-4695 and if your shopping for a Hyunday checkout their Duluth Hyundai dealership at 218-733-0200. Myself I prefer shopping for a vehicle at their Duluth Toyota location. In addition a a great sales floor the Kolar dealerships offer great service and repair as well as body shop services.