Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Partnering with Azoogle Ads

I have many websites like mall websites that when using Google Adsense the ads seem to make no sense to me yet people click. The ads are for surveys, ringtones and other things i've not thought to offer. I found Azoogle Ads who is a CPA affiliate program. Here you can get links to Ringtone and Survey companies who will pay you when a customer clicks through and performs an action. Sometimes the action is a survey, sometimes downloading a ringtone etc. I'm hoping to pair Azoogle Ads to enhance the revenue on these sites. Think of it. On a site say about shopping malls you might make $3.00 per day on a good day using contextual ads. If two people out of 200 completed a survey you'd have your $3.00. CPA advertizing like Azoogle Ads seems to make more sense for me than CJ or LinkShare. I found offers on Azoogle and other CPA networks that were the same as Comission Junction but paid sometimes two dollars more per lead. This is going to make me take a hard look at my relationships with CJ and Linkshare.