Monday, June 26, 2006

Monetizing Sites Selling Text Links

If your like me you may have many sites that aren't earning what you want or some that do well and you just have some extra real estate on them. I've tried selling text links the manual way and through eBay but neither proved to be worth the time. Either i'd be spending too much time sending bills and adding and removing links or i'd pay fees to eBay that made it hardly worth while. After hearing about Text Link Ads I visited their site to buy some one way links on relavant sites. Sure enough I picked up some links on sites that exactly matched sites of my own. I then gave their link selling site a shot and was fairly impressed. After submitting sites that I wanted to place ads on I then added the code to the home page and an empty XML file to my website root and then waited. A day or so later I received an e-mail that someone had purchased a text link ad on my site. I get 50% of the overall price and the link is a subscription so the possibility of a renewal is quite high. Best yet, after placing the text link ads code on my site I didn't have to do any more work just collect the revenue. The cut at Text Link Ads may be steep but it's worth it to place code once and let them manage the selling and the links. If you want to see more on how this works check out the selling text links part of their web site.

On the buying end of things, they have a great offer going. New clients get 100.00 in free text link ads just for trying out their service. Just enter the code "New client" when registering to get your $100.00 in text link ads. You do have to place a minimum $125.00 order to get this but it's well worth the trial to get some great one way text links to your sites.