Thursday, June 22, 2006


So I noticed I had two new DLL files on my Windows XP desktop. LLH.DLL and DM.DLL were on my desktop along with my regular icons. Problem was I didn't put LLH.DLL on my desktop. A quick search turned up that PartyPoker.Com was the culprit. Party Poker places LLH.DLL and DM.DLL on your desktop and uses these to keep an eye on your other processes. Perhaps LLH.DLL is used to ensure you are not cheating at poker. This all made sense because I borrowed my wife's laptop to play poker the other night. I did get a PartyPoker update but didn't notice LLH.DLL on my desktop until my wife asked what DM.DLL and LLH.DLL were. What did I do to fix this? I deleted LLH.DLL and DM.DLL and then uninstalled PartyPoker using add/remove programs. I asked PartyPoker when I first signed up if they used spyware. Party Poker said they do not use spyware. We'll i'd consider the use of LLH.DLL spyware enough for me.