Thursday, May 31, 2007

Andrew Speaker

CNN has revealed the name and some additional information about the TB carrier who caused quite a fuss when he travelled by plane from Europe to Canada against the multiple warnings of Doctors and health officials. Andrew Speaker is a 31 year old Lawyer who was on his honeymoon and wouldn't let anything, not even TB or the health of others stand in his way of his honeymoon. While it may be that he hasn't infected anyone each person on the planes must be located and tested for TB now. I can't imagine how much money this gentlemen has cost the world in time and funds. I hope the honeymoon was worth it. For those living under a rock, Andrew Speaker was diagnosed with tuberculosis and then re-diagnosed with XDR tuberculosis which is resistant to typical drugs used to treat TB. Andrew Speaker is now receiving treatment in Denver Colorado in hopes that he can return to a normal life.