Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Winterization Process

Winterization or winterizing is basically a process to prepare for the cold winter. A very important factor in winterizing your property is water and that needs to be dealt with properly to avoid serious troubles. Try to run water out from various areas that you have, swimming pools, springs, aquatic systems. If you forgot to do that you are risking your water to freeze that would result in pipes to split. It is really essential to winterize if you live in regions where snow and winter cover the ground for a good period of time.

The Winterization process should be also be considered in cottages, cabins and typical homes to prepare for the cold months. Different techniques are applied depending on the location you live in. Additionally irrigation systems needs to be looked at and blown out for the wintertime. The winterization process for irrigation systems will start with first winter frost. If temperature goes down below 32°F, that is the best and recommended time to prepare irrigation systems for winter.

Normally winterization would start from October 1 to March 31. If you just moved in, easiest thing you could do is ask for more information from your local coordinator.
Irrigation system can handle just few days of freezing cold. There are exceptions of course, where places are always winterized. Like Canada, Toronto, Dundas Square, when they turn the water off in every pipe that provides fountains to six hundred nozzles.

Not just your gardens, houses or irrigation systems are hurting, cold season can be harsh on your vehicles. Freezing weather has an effect on the car, its operation and physical shape. Low temperature ranges can cause big problems on how your vehicles engine works.

Pools, yachts and even your personal diet, everything can benefit from bit of winterization. Freezing weather can do some serious damage to your boat, especially the engine and make it vulnerable to corrosion. There are quite a few tips that will make sure that your boat will work effectively until following spring. With proper winterization you can extend your boats life. Tips like always having the fuel tank full and just leaving little space for compression, if you don’t, there is a high risk for condensation to raise and result in corrosion and clogging.

You can always look for a specialist who could prepare your home for the winter. When you are going to look for a potential plumber, make sure that he is accredited and have skills for the job. Especially if you are going on vacation, it is crucial to follow winterization steps and prepare your house.
Winterization is not just about preparing your homes for the cold season, it can always bad for your health with the low temperature ranges. Winter is not so pleasant, can be hard on your health.