Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Close Reg Cover Error Dell 3000 / 3100 printer

I have a Dell 3000cn color laser printer that showed up with a Close Reg Cover error. My first reaction is what the $@^%@ is a reg cover? I looked the printer over and did not see anything out of place. I called Dell and found the issue. My Dell 3000cn Color Laser has a duplexer. If you face the printer on the top right of the duplexer there is a button to release the duplexer and it folds back. The reg cover is a door on the back of the printer that is covered by the duplexer. Sure enough mine had flopped open. When I tried to close the reg cover it would not close as something was blocking it. I could bend the plastic and close it and the message would go out. I looked to see what might be blocking the reg cover but did not see anything. So I firmly grabbed the reg cover, put downward pressure and wiggled it and then wham it closed and I could then close the duplexer and print. No idea how this happened but now I know what a reg cover is.