Thursday, October 16, 2008

Manager Tip Keep Your Team Informed

If you manage people keep in mind that people are hungry for information. This is especially true in stressful or busy times. One of the things that makes people fearful and uncomfortable is a lack of information. What types of things can you do? Hold regular team meetings. In times of uncertainty use these meetings to update the team. In times which are uneventful it is helpful to use these meetings just to keep the team close and the lines of communication open. Banter among team members is helpful in creating a close cohesive team. In times which are stressful such as when your company has been aquired even if you hold the meeting to say you don't have answers but to collect questions it helps your employees to take the stress down a level and vent. Using the questions they've asked you can then use the answers as fodder for a productive follow up meeting. How your employees handle stress in good times and bad on the job is largely due to how they are managed and communication is a great tool to assist in the productive management of your group.