Saturday, October 11, 2008

Knee MRI Scan

Did you ever wonder what a Knee MRI Scan looks like? I have a knee fracture that wasn't showing up on my Knee Xray so after three weeks I went to an orthopedist at Tria Orthopedic and had a Knee MRI Scan done. While I was waiting for the Orthopedist I took picture of the Knee MRI Picture that was up on the computer. This isn't the MRI picture that showed the fracture in my knee but is a good example of what a Knee MRI Scan looks like vs an Xray. I don't know the cost of a Knee MRI but i'm guessing maybe $800. The MRI Scan machine was quite loud but I had headphones on with music so it helped. The challenge when getting a Knee MRI is just remaining still and keeping your mind occupied because it takes about 20 minutes to complete the Knee MRI Scan.