Sunday, October 12, 2008

Healing A Knee Injury

First let me say this is not medical advice. If you have a knee injury you should seek the immediate advice of a doctor, hospital or urgent care. If you injure your knee you should try the following in the mean time to help heal or relieve pain from your knee injury. If you decide to not seek medical attention for your knee injury the following basic information may help. First avoid putting weight on the injury. Next try icing the knee 3 times per day for 10-20 minutes at at time. This relieves swelling, a bag of peas is ideal for this but you can visit Walgreens and purchase a band and gel pack that will fit this need idealy. Next use an ace bandage or other wrap or brace to give the knee support on a daily basis. Both the ice and support are needed for about 6 weeks after the injury. You should also keep weight off the knee for about 6 weeks after the injury to allow it to heal. If possible visit a Doctor or Orthopedist for a consultation or Xray or MRI as soon as possible after the injury.