Sunday, October 12, 2008

Vinturi Wine Aerator Review

My wife and I started visiting the local Winestyles store. They feature boutique and private label wines, have a great wine club and offer regular wine tastings. One night they offered to run the tastings through the Vinturi Wine Aerator. We were intrigued as we'd never seen such a device. The Vinturi Wine Aerator is a device you pour wine through to add air to the wine thus performing the same effect as decanting which brings out the flavor, smell and texture of your wine in a single glass. It also decants instantly giving the Vinturi an advantage over traditional wine decanting. In this review of the Vinturi Wine Aerator i'll say that I recommend this as a tool for every wine lover, and as a gift for a wine lover. The Vinturi costs $40.00 and is available at Amazon.Com and likley your local Winestyles or maybe liquor store. Clean up of the Vinturi is simple, run water through it and dry it off. You can't beat the Vinturi for a wine gift or for your own use for the money, that's my review of the Vinturi.