Monday, October 20, 2008

Chevolet Speedometer Recall / Special Policy

Today I noticed I seem to have the fastest Chevrolet Silverado around. I have a 2005 with about 67,000 miles and noticed my speedometer was indicating 90mph while I was coasting in the right lane. The speedometer then went to 120mph and beyond. When i'm stopped it reads 80mph. I called the dealer and scheduled an appointment at Miller Chevrolet in Rogers. They didn't mention anything about any recall or special policy. I then did some reading online and found that this is a well known problem on Chevrolet Silverado and possibly other Chevrolet vehicles. I called Rosedale Chevrolet where I bought my Silverado and asked if there was a recall. They said there is not a recall but there is a special policy for some under 70,000 miles. They have to look at it and get some info off the gauge cluster and then if it qualifies the speedometer is replaced for free. I called back Miller Chevrolet and asked about this special policy. They knew all about it and indicated that it's likley Chevrolet will replace the gague cluster or fix the problem at no charge. I'm hoping this is the case as a defective speedometer with a widely known problem would seem to be a safety issue when it affects this many vehicles. Check out the picture of my speedometer on my 2005 Chevrolet. I'm finding all kinds of information from Chevrolet owners with defective speedometers. There is apparantly a class action lawsuit because so many Chevrolet owners have bad speedometers and no recall has been made. I filed a complaint with the dot so that maybe if there enough Chevrolet owners with broken speedometers we'll get a proper recall.