Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Defective GM Speedometer Calling Customer Service Back

I just got off the phone with GM Customer Service. Since earlier today when my Chevrolet dealer was waiting for a call from GM and I called I was told to wait for my case rep to call me and the Chevrolet dealership. I had borrowed a loaner car from Miller Chevrolet and felt I needed to take some action so I wasn't just mooching their car while my truck sat with a bad speedometer. I had them make a small repair and rotate tires and waited until the end of the business day. I called Miller Chevrolet and asked if GM customer service had called them. They told me no one had contacted them from General Motors regarding my defective speedometer. I told the dealer to fix the speedometer at my expense and i'll deal with either the class action lawsuit or Chevrolet customer service on reimbursement. I just got off the phone with GM customer service as it's 9:00pm and still no call to me or the dealer. To add to this story I found a letter I received months back regarding a class action lawsuit related to defective speedometers on Chevrolet and GM vehicles. The letter states that this affects 2003/2004 vehicles but also mentions 2005's that were made in 2003 which mine likley was as I bought it in February 2005. Of course with it in the shop it's tough to tell for sure at this point. The customer service representative at GM told me that yes they get all kinds of similar complaints for owners of 2005 model year GM and Chevrolet vehicles with bad speedometers. They said that despite the special policy related to fixing 2003/2004 model years for free they are still deciding on whether to fix 2005 model year vehicles even thoug they have the exact same safety issue of a stuck speedometer. The best they could do was apologize that no one had called me or the dealer and to tell me to wait until a class action settlement had been reached that includeds owners of 2005 GM and Chevrolet vehicles with stuck speedometers. The thought of our government providing loans to keep companies like this in business is crazy when they put out products with known defects for three years in a row then refuse to correct the issue until they lose a lawsuit related to owner safety. I plan to scan in the class action lawsuit letter I received in a future post in case you have the same issue but are missing your letter.