Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Bad Chevrolet Speedometer Part 2

As expected the Chevrolet dealer diagnosed my bad speedometer as being one of the defective instrument clusters which cause a sticking speedometer. This is a problem on 2003-2005 GM and Chevrolet vehicles. This causes the speedometer to stick and will have it reading 80-120mph when you are stopped and moving. The dealer is saying that because the vehicle has over 60,000 it would not be covered despite those being covered in prior years of anything below 70,000 miles. My truck has 67,000 miles and is certainly within the period of those vehicles being repaired due to the defective speedometer. I called GM Customer Service back at 1-866-790-5700 after the dealer said i'd have to work through them to get this repaired at their cost. They wanted to call me back in the evening after my "rep" whom I spoke with the previous day came in. Meanwhile, the dealer is waiting to order the parts and my truck is sitting at the Chevrolet dealer. THe cost quoted to replace the defective instrument cluster with a refurbished one is $535.00 despite asking for a supervisor at the Chevrolet customer service center I was told that the supervisor would only allow me to leave a voice mail for my rep who doesn't come in until the afternoon.