Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Best Chevrolet Dealer In Minnesota Miller Chevrolet

If you have a Chevrolet or are looking to buy a Chevrolet or get your Chevrolet serviced you should ALWAYS take it to Miller Chevrolet in Rogers, Minnesota. Miller Chevrolet has always been a great place to buy a new or used car or truck. The sales staff are great, low key and helpful. The prices at Miller Chevrolet have always been fair. The service department is heads above other dealers with great service and free loaners making getting work done stress free. Recently however Miller Chevrolet really came through. I have a 2005 Silverado and had a defective speedometer one of the thousands across the world with defective speedometers. I had been trying to work through GM to get this replaced under warranty through a special policy because the part has been defective since 2003. GM didn't even call my dealer much less me when they said they would. Finally I told Miller to fix it at my expense. The GM customer service rep told me to wait until they lost the class action lawsuit. Miller Chevrolet stepped up and said they'd take care of the repair and work it through their divisional rep. Once again Miller Chevrolet went above and beyond. I will probably keep buying Chevy Trucks because I like them despite this bad experience with GM. I will ALWAYS buy them from Miller Chevrolet in Rogers and will absolutely be bringing my three GM vehicles there for service when needed. Thanks Miller Chevrolet! Call Miller Chevrolet in Rogers at (763) 515-4511 and to get there just take the Hwy 101 exit off 94 in Rogers.