Sunday, June 07, 2009

Kate Gosselin's Hair Plus 8

It seems that just as much as folks tune into John and Kate Plus 8 to see the kids and their adventures, they tune in to see the lates in Kate Gosselin's Hairstyles. The stylish mom of 8 with her new wealth is able to maintain high fashion through regular nail treatments and regular haircuts. My wife refers to the Kate Gosselin Hairstyle as a reverse mullet, party up front and business in the back. I don't know about that given the spikes out the back of that hairdo but one thing is for sure, as Kate Gosselin's hair changes it will be followed and copied by many of her fans. It's not unusal at our local hair salon to have customers come in asking to have their hair done like Kate Gosselin, whomever styled that hairdo is sure to have a rash of new customers.