Friday, May 29, 2009

Finally removed UACINIT.DLL

I worked on my neighbor's Pc for several hours last night. It had malware or spyware called Winav using the Winav.exe and I think it is also known as Winfixer Trojan or something like that. Anyway I could not run any antivirus programs or Antimalware programs like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, they just would not start. I finally got Malwarebytes to start by renaming mbam.exe to a.exe and running that. I then updated and scanned and removed 18 things. Left over was UACINIT.DLL which Malwarebytes said it would remove with a reboot but it kept coming back. I tried manually deleting uacinit.dll but no luck as it's hidden and even my attrib tricks did not work. I finally booted to a bartpe cd and in DOS went to c:\windows\system32 and deleted all files starting with UAC I then had to do the same at c:\windows\system32\drivers as Winfixer runs as a driver. Once done I rebooted normally and my McAfee Virusscan would now run and update etc.