Saturday, May 02, 2009

Hydroxycut Recall But Not On Adwords

On May 1 the FDA warned users of Hydroxycut that there is now a Hydroxycut recall in effect and they should stop taking the weight loss supplement immediately. The maker of Hydroxycut volunteered to recall the supplement after one death was reported in connection with Hydroxycut and several reports of liver damage due to taking the weight loss supplement. The FDA listed about 10-15 various Hydroxycut products that were part of the recall. As of yesterday while Google would allow you to bid on the keywords Hydroxycut Recall they would not show the ad despite the quality score being labeled as "great". Could it be that Hydroxycut has told Google no bidding on these keywords? For a short time there were a few Hydroxycut lawyers running ads for those keywords but today no adwords ads are running for the keywords Hydroxycut Recall.