Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Internet Explorer Won't Browse FireFox Will

I had an odd problem where Internet Explorer 7 would not browse websites but FireFox would browse just fine. I would get page cannot be displayed with Internet Explorer. I used FireFox to upgrade to IE8 and still my Internet Explorer would not browse but FireFox would. I found my problem with Internet Explorer but do not know why it happened. I clicked Tools, Internet Options, Connection Tab and LAN Settings button. Usually Automatically Detect Settings is checked however I noticed that Use Automatic Configuration Script was checked and was listed there. I have no idea how that got there or what it is. I just reloaded this PC fresh with Windows Vista Enterpise less than 24hrs ago. I also have active and updated Virus Scan software. I set the Internet Explorer settings back to Automatically Detect Settings and now Internet Explorer will browse again. I discovered later that it was our corporate Aventail remote access system putting in that redirect. When you logon your connection is changed by Aventail to that redirect. When you click the logout button Aventail switches the setting back to Automatically detect settings. Maybe I forgot to logout or maybe Aventail screwed up.