Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cash For Clunkers Coming Soon

Today the senate is expected to vote on the Cash For Clunkers bill which would provide shoppers of new vehicles with a voucher worth $3500 or $4500 off the price of a new car or truck. There is a catch however. Your new vehicle must get 4 or 5 MPG better than the current vehicle you drive and your current vehicle must get 18 MPG or worse gas milage. You must also turn in your clunker to the auto dealer as the goal is to get the polluters and less efficient vehicles off the road. The Cash For Clunkers Bill is a boon to auto dealers and auto makers alike but not expected to entirely prop up the auto industry. Think of the Clunker Bill as a bandaid for an industry in grave need of help. Like all government programs tax payers will foot the bill to the tune of $4 billion dollars. So if you've been thinking of buying a new car or truck get your cash for clunkers voucher as soon as possible.