Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Nikon D70 Digital SLR Camera

Last night I started working on a page that would show off the Nikon D70 Camera that we've been using. I purchased it for my wife for Valentines day and at first we weren't sure if we liked it. Once we got out the manual and learned a few things we were hooked. The picture quality is far superior to our point and shoot camera and the ability to add a zoom lens has me thinking of all sorts of places I might go and shoot pictures. One of the unique things in this article vs other D70 reviews is the mention of the cheap Nikon Nikor AF lens i'm using as a zoom lens. I picked this up for $170.00 vs almost $500 for the DX lens designed for digital SLR cameras. So far I haven't noticed anything my cheap lens isn't doing so hopefully that will help someone out who wants a zoom lens but doesn't want to pay 50% of the Nikon D70's cost for it.