Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Zylstra Harley Davidson Comes Through Again

So for a long time i've been singing the praises of my local Harley Dealer Zylstra Harley Davidson in Elk River Minnesota. I've never bought a bike there but i've had service done on multiple bikes since they opened in 2000. Each time the service has been great and in several occasions they've gone above and beyond. If you've read my earlier entries you'll see i'm trying to ship my Buell to Canada where the person who bought the bike lives. Zylstra provided a Buell pallet and let me drop off the crate I built. They are draining the bike's fluids, strapping it to the pallet and rebuilding my crate for a very fair price. Because I don't have a forklift this would have been tough to do at home and trailering the Buell plus crate panels to the Roadway depot would not be fun. Zylstra Harley Davidson in Elk River is hardly making anything on this but was happy to help me out. If you need a Harley, some parts or service stop in because these guys make Harley Dealers look good.