Saturday, July 14, 2007

Patti Novak America's Gordon Ramsay

If you've every watched the Reality TV show Hells Kitchen you know that Gordon Ramsay is a character who will tell people how it is regardless of their feelings. He's from the UK and with his frankness goes his mannerisms and accent. Well i'm pleased to announce that America has a Gordon Ramsay of it's own in Patti Novak the main character in Confessions Of A Matchmaker a new show on A&E. Not only does Patty Novak offer frank advice and spout observations that would make most blush she even looks a bit like Gordon Ramsay in her facial features. Comments like "Your Way Gay" and "You need to grow a pair" are not unusual from Patti to her clients just like Gordon Ramsay would call his students "Donkeys" and scream "Ahh Shut Up!" This makes for great TV as the characters in the show become just as important as the theme of the show or plotlines.