Thursday, May 13, 2010

Memory Foam Sleep System

If you haven’t heard about the Memory Foam sleep system, you don’t know about the latest in nighttime comfort technology. A relatively new phenomenon in the mattress industry, Memory Foam sleep systems are becoming more and more popular as people discover the incredible benefits of this literal “space age construction.” What is this amazing new technology? Here’s a hint: a Memory Foam sleep system is built to personalize itself to you, the sleeper.

The history of Memory Foam lies rooted in the most technologically advanced industry in the world, space travel. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration first developed Memory Foam in the 1970s for use in space shuttles and orbital stations as a means to combat the excessive pressure astronauts endure during space travel. For about twenty years, consumer development of Memory Foam was limited to the medical industry for therapeutic use in hospitals. Then in the 1990s a Swedish company developed its own Memory Foam sleep system for sale to the general public, and a star was born. Memory Foam has since become the most popularly sold sleep system in history.
How does a Memory Foam sleep system work? The main function of Memory Foam is its capacity for conformity to the contours of your body. When you lie on Memory Foam, the material begins to change its shape until within minutes you are perfectly settled into the mattress. Memory Foam is slow to return to its original shape; it “remembers” the shape of the object pressed into it. This greatly decreases the nighttime movement that disrupts sleep, leaving users of Memory Foam sleep systems feeling far more rested and refreshed in the morning. Memory Foam is also sensitive to temperature; it is firmer in cool temperatures, and softer and more pliable with warmth. Body heat accentuates the molding effect of Memory Foam and gives you a “melting” feeling when lying down as your body temperature softens the foam. Chiropractors, therapists and even world-famous athletes frequently recommend Memory Foam sleep systems for their therapeutic effects, including better quality sleep and a reduction of pressure and strain on your body, resulting in less morning aches and the relief of chronic pain.

There are differences in
the quality and density of Memory Foam sleep systems that will help you
determine which type is right for you. Lower quality Memory Foam often
consists of layered Memory Foam interspersed with other materials; their
effects can be disappointing. Pure Memory Foam is available in several
different densities, usually from just over 2 lbs. to around 5 ½ lbs. The
density is a measure of how much one square foot of the material weighs.
Naturally, the higher the density; the better the quality of the “memory”
will be. For most people, a density of between 3 and 5 lbs. is ideal. Higher
densities are good investments for people with chronic pain or those who
require extra-firm mattress support. If your ideal bed is an iron board, the
highest density Memory Foam sleep system may be the perfect choice for you

There are many companies
today offering Memory Foam sleep systems. Some of the biggest manufacturers
of Memory Foam are Tempur Pedic(the original who introduced
Memory Foam to consumers), Sleep Better Store, Select Comfort, and Ultimate
Sleep. You can find Memory Foam sleep systems at just about any furniture
retailer, or you can order from many companies directly online. It is
important to compare companies when buying online so you can make an
educated Memory Foam purchase. After all, you’re investing in your well
being and a lifetime of great nights’ sleep!

When considering a Memory Foam sleep system, you should be aware of the different types available. You can purchase a Memory Foam cover that tops your existing mattress, which is a good choice for those with a limited budget. You can also invest in a solid Memory Foam mattress with a specially constructed foundation that lengthens the life of your Memory Foam sleep system. There are even Memory Foam pillows available for the ultimate in comfort sleeping.