Saturday, March 06, 2010

Lupient Chevrolet Reviews

Lupient Chevrolet a Bloomington Chevrolet dealer has been servicing the Twin Cities market for many years. The internet is a great thing in that it now allows prospective customers to see what experiences others have had at car dealerships like Lupient Chevrolet. Myself i've always been satisfied when having my truck serviced at this Bloomington Chevrolet dealer. However it is still interesting to see what others have to say. A google search shows 8 reviews of Lupient Chevrolet and truely paint a mixed picture. They swing wildly from 1 star to a perfect 5 stars. You have to wonder however would those with good experiences be motivated to post a review on Google? Those with bad experences certainly seem to be motivated to rip this Bloomington Chevrolet dealership and vent their frustrations.