Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Outlook Doesn't Archive or Auto Archive Emails Not Removed From Inbox

If you are trying to Archive in Outlook or using Auto Archive in Outlook but find that your emails are not removed from your inbox sent items etc you may have a modified date that is earlier then the date specified in your archive or autoarchive settings. Outlook archiving does not use the received date when archiving it uses modified date which can be changed without your knowledge. To check to see if the modified date is not falling within the date you specified in your archive settings right click the top of one of the columns where you view mail. Choose customize and choose the fields button. You'll notice that Modified is a hidden field by default. Add it to the visable fields and move it to the top. Now view your emails and you'll see that you might have a received date of 1/15/2009 but a modified date of 4/18/2009 and if you said to archive everything older than 3/15/2009 no mail would be removed from your inbox because the modified date is 4/18/2009. There is no way to fix this that i'm aware of, you just have to discover the modified date and adjust your archiving date.