Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Turning failures into success

So using PPC advertising on Google and Overture in July netted me a $200.00 loss on my affiliate program for PayCheck Today. In June I think I had a small profit but I got what I needed to know. Normally I toss an affiliate program that isn't working with PPC but because my Payday Loan site has been around a bit I do get a small amount of natural traffic from Yahoo and MSN. Guess what, a few natural leads have come my way so that got me jazzed and I added a few more articles to the site. I figure If I was spending $100.00 to make $40 profit in a day why not spend more effort in link building and content building and get the traffic for free. In addition to the content I have another strategy I can't disclose for now but i'll let you know if it works and lay it out when the time is right.