Sunday, July 17, 2005

Affiliate Marketing Lesson 3

Two things, Google will Fuck you..... First if you are an adsense publisher you'll get smartpriced. That means while you made the decision to hire someone to create content because you were getting .10-.50 a click you now get .02-.05 per click and oh yea, the Bourbon update trashed your site so you need to start over.

Then going the affilate route you bid on a sucessful keyword only to have Google put it on hold or disable it because their computations say it won't get the CTR it should. This in spite of being your best keyword and getting a 20% CTR when .05 is their minimum.

That being said. Here's todays lesson. If you are doing a PPC campaign for a place that pays per lead, keep in mind that they may report the clicks but not the leads until they determine that the leads are genuine. This means don't cancel your campaign when you see 100 clicks and 0 leads because its likley you have 10-50 leads that have not been verified and will late in the afternoon. Thus is the nature of Affilate Marketing for leads.