Saturday, July 16, 2005

Affiliate Marketing Lesson 2

Pretty much the only success i've had in Affiliate Marketing has been in lead generation. Sure i've sold Turbotax via Amazon.Com during Tax season but beyond that i've had hardly any luck with Affiliate Marketing where the customer has to click through and purchase something. On pages where i'm covering a hotel + Adsense I get reservations here and there using Lodging.Com but I use them more as a afterthought than building the page for AM. An angle i'm recently pursuing is to use a AM program that pays on a per lead basis but with a tiered performance plan. This should let me bid high almost to a break even point to get to the top tier as fast as possible. Then when my comission has doubled I can taper back the per bid cost and concentrate on keywords I know convert vs the shotgun approach i'm using now just to get to the top tier quickly.