Sunday, June 19, 2005

Spyware From Drudge

I'm a regular reader of the Drudge Report and have always tolerated the popups as the information Drudge provides is usually interesting and amusing. Twice in the past week i've clicked off a link on the Drudge Report and had spyware install on my PC. Both Spybot and Microsoft Antispyware detected the spyware I received from Drudge Report. Most spyware from Drudge is exact.bargain buddy and other exact. related spyware, I think one is cool search. Even though I told both antispyware programs to deny the changes the spyware programs at least put .exe files on my PC. Microsoft Antispyware simply removed it but what about people not running good antispyware programs. I think that the Drudge Report allowing spyware to be installed with no prompt to even accept such spyware is terrible and should be criminal. Spyware that installs by circumbenting security in browsers and operating systems should be illegal and those who support it should be held responsible for damage to PC's as a result of spyware. If you've not done so already you should click the link to Microsoft Antispyware and install it on your PC. Its free of charge and works better than any antispyware program i've ever used. What did I do about the Drudge Report? I used IE to add to my restricted sites list. To do this open IE and click Tools and then Internet Options. Click the Security tab and then click Restricted sites. Hit Add and add to your restricted sites list. After doing so I was able to go to the Drudge Report website and received no more spyware.