Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Screwed by Google

Just when things were sailing I'm hit by the latest Google "Bourbon" update which has moved my web sites from #1-10 to #400+ in the Google searches. Thanks Google for removing 90% of my revenue. Its been a week and i'm starting to calm down. In a nutshell i'm going from $2400 per month to $900.00 which pisses me off but two months ago I would have been happy with $900.00. Where's that coming from? Well I stil rank high in MSN and Yahoo so while Google has me at the back of the bus i'm still earning but pissed. From reading thread about this update its a matter of time before some unknown portion of my sites see the light of day. I decided to create a new site and see if that surfaces earlier so here goes. City Of Maple Grove Information where i'll put my new content and cross my fingers. BTW This link won't work until at least 5/27 when my card is processed etc.