Friday, April 29, 2005


This wasn't going to be a political blog because I think they are boring but I have to include these quotes from the liar Dean Johnson and the rat Wes Skogland. Keep in mind Minnesota has had a law permitting law abiding citizens to carry a firearm for a year without issue and they act as if it was never passed at all.

Dean Johnson commenting about his lie.
"I did the shake the speaker's hand and said 'this is how we'll handle this issue' and the caucus felt otherwise. And so the speaker said, 'you know, Dean, our caucuses go in different directions from time to time' and he should full well know that," -Dean Johnson

As you can see from the quote below. Despite there being no material problem with the results of the law Democrats in Minnesota would prefer to lie and act as if their wild west scenerio had actually played out. In reality there was only an issue with the wording of the law that prompted some churches to seek legal relief on a technicality.

Sen. Wes Skoglund, DFL-Minneapolis, says the bill would increase gun violence. Skoglund would prefer to see the Senate defeat the bill, but knows he doesn't have the votes. He says amending it in committee is the next best option.

"The legislative process -- if it's followed -- works. It works well for people when it's abused like when this bill was originally passed. It doesn't work well for people if we don't follow the normal traditional process, we're going to get a junky law," according to Skoglund.

But other lawmakers say only one change should be made from the law that passed two years ago. They would like to give local businesses the option of either posting a "no guns sign" or personally notifying a permit holder that guns are not permitted in their establishment.