Thursday, April 28, 2005

Minnesota Democrat Rats and Liars

So we've got 19 random robberies in the Uptown area with one person shot in the eye and the Metrocrats and weasel Dean Johnson still think those who are law abiding and pursue training shouldn't be able to carry a gun for protection? What is it about Democrats that makes them partial to committee obstruction, lying and legislation through courts and afraid of a general up or down vote. I'm sick of important issues not even coming to a simple vote. Democrats always preach democracy and the "popular" vote yet whenever an issue has support by their own members they simply create a situation where the issue can't even be voted down in a legitimate manner. Then they call a desprate attempt to end this nonsense by Republicans "The Nuclear Option". When will people wake up and see this. I called it in 2000 when another Democrat rat Roger Moe kept the conceal carry act from a legit up or down vote and bottled it up in committee. In response I created the Roger Moe Hall Of Shame, what's next the Dean Johnson Hall Of Shame? I'm not sure which is worst, at least Roger Moe didn't make a deal and then run like a rat when the urban crime infested cities representatives applied pressure. Angry Republicans? That's your response, well at least Dean Johnson can see truth somewhere. I hope this comes to roost in 2006 as the Democrats keep throwing the 2004 election in Republicans faces. Here's how it went down and was also even confirmed by Dean Weasel Johnson himself on MPR

This needs to be seen by every Minnesota gun owner.
From time to time CCRN leadership has had to become tight lipped about our efforts at the Capitol. This past week was we have had to keep our cards close to the vest because we gave our word not to leak the plan to re-enact the Minnesota Citizens Personal Protection Act of 2003.
Unfortunately today I can know tell you why.
Last Wednesday (April 20th) at 2pm, CCRN leaders (Joe Olson, John Caile and I) met with Sen. Dean Johnson and Sen. Tom Bakk. Senator Johnson had asked for the meeting. We asked that Sen. Bakk be invited because Tom had demonstrated integrity and we felt his presence would add to the value of the meeting.
Because of your efforts, Sen. Johnson and the other rural Democrats understood the importance of re-enacting the 2003 MPPA in the form of HF 2428 (which at that point had no Senate companion bill). Sen. Johnson, Sen. Bakk, Joe, John, John Kavenaugh (of Sen. Johnson’s Staff) and I discussed several options for re-passage. That anything less would make this an election year issue. All agreed that sending the MPPA to any Senate committee was to kill the bill.
The agreed upon plan was to use the majority leader's authority under the new Senate rule. The House would adopt and send to the Senate the bill re-enacting the MPPA and Majority Leader Johnson would intercept the bill when it reached the Senate floor and move to lay it on the table (rather than sending it to any committee). That motion would pass by a majority vote (supporters of the MPPA now number at least 39) The bill could then be taken from the table by majority vote, debated - giving the opponents an opportunity to amend it, kill it, or do as much damage as they may be able to muster votes (we believe that to be very little) - and then given its next reading and again laid on the table. The next legislative day, it could again be taken from the table and passed by a majority vote. This would avoid the Metro-DFL dominated committees which would alter or defeat the re-enactment bill.
The Majority Leader Johnson and Sen. Bakk described this procedure three times during the conversation. The likely objections from Metro-DFL'ers were discussed and Senator Johnson assured those present that he had the power and will to deal with that internal opposition. Professor Olson took Senator Johnson through the procedure a fourth time and directly asked if he could and would take this course of action. Senator Johnson looked us in the eye and said "yes" and then shook our hands to seal the deal. Later, Sen. Johnson meet with House Speaker Steve Sviggum, reaffirmed the deal, and they shook hands on it as well.
Sen. Johnson has the power to carry out this agreement. The Rules of the Senate allow him, as Senate Majority Leader to hold a bill and direct it to the floor for debate. He needs no ones permission to do so. It is completely within the rules and within the powers granted his office to do so.
Plan laid, agreement made – it was time to execute.
Today Wednesday (April 27th) the House began to carry out its part of the agreed upon plan when HF 2428 was passed out of the House Civil Law committee. After the House committed itself by taking this first step; Speaker Sviggum, Sen. Pat Pariseau, and John Caile all received phone calls from Sen. Johnson. Sen. Johnson informed them that he was breaking his agreement. That the MPPA reenactment legislation would be sent to a Senate committee and that a DFL task force was being created to look at the MPPA issue.
Senator Dean Johnson is an ordained Lutheran Minister and as such must hold himself to a high standard of honesty and integrity. Senator Johnson is a Brigadier General in the Minnesota National Guard and has such has the military code of honor ("we do not lie, cheat or steal") to follow as an officer and a gentleman. Sen. Johnson is a longtime legislator and knows that your word is all you have. Yesterday Senator Johnson damaged himself as an ordained minister. He has disgraced his position as a military officer in the Minnesota National Guard; and he has made himself ineffective as a Legislative leader.
Leadership is about leading. At the end of the day your credibility is all you have. You cannot be respected by your opponents or even those who have elected you to leadership if you are unwilling to defend your integrity. As Governor Pawlenty and Speaker Sviggum try to close out the legislative session and look across the table at Sen. Johnson all they will see is an empty suit for that is all that is there. The sad part is, when the Senate DFL caucus undercuts its leader it undercuts its own effectiveness. No one can deal with a group that doesn’t respect its leader or is unwilling to stand with their leader. If the Majority Leader's word is no good, who do you call? Who is the leader of the Senate Majority?
Because Sen. Johnson’s promises are suspect (at best) re-passage must now begin in the Senate. He has promised a floor vote publicly in the Minneapolis Star. Let’s see if he can deliver. We cannot in good faith subject our friends (Democrats and Republicans) in the House to a floor fight without a plan for passage and it is clear that the Senate can only be judged by its actions. The MPPA must come out of the Senate first.
The longer they wait the more felons automatically have their right to possession firearms restored.
So call Sen. Johnson’s office (651) 296-3826 and let him know he needs to keep his word - it's all he has.