Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Google A/B Testing Results 468 banner vs 300 square

Google released a new a/b testing script which lets you run two sets of ad units and it will rotate them roughly 50% each. I've been running this on two sites. First my Pennsylvania Malls site and then my Georgia Malls site. In both cases I rotated the 468x90 banner against the 300x250 medium square which is my favorite adsense block. The results after seven days are that performance of either is fairly similar however there is a difference. The 468x90 produced about 1% better conversion rate than the 300x250 however the cpm on the 468x90 was about $2.00 less than using the 300x250. So I got more clicks but was paid less. I'm going to set both sites back to a full time 300x250 and see if my cpm stays the same or changes.