Thursday, September 07, 2006

Alpharetta Georgia

So I visited Alpharetta Georgia this week. I actually have a web page about North Point Mall which is in Alpharetta. I live in Minnesota and found that we're very similar but in a strange way. So in Minnesota we have many suburbs surrounding the Twin Cities of Saint Paul and Minneapolis. Each suburb will have 1-5 major big box stores and the 2-3 richest and upscale suburbs will have 1-3 of the high quality chain restaurants. The point is you must cross city lines to visit all of the big box stores and restaurants.

Alpharetta Georgia is a large upscale suburb of Atlanta. Here you'll find EVERY big box retailer like Home Depot, Michaels, Best Buy, Linens & Things etc. You'll also find EVERY chain restaurant like California Pizza Kitchen, PF Changs and Famous Daves all within a 10 mile radius surrounding North Point Mall. Very interesting indeed.

All in all Alpharetta is a beautiful place especially if your used to the tree coverage we have in Minnesota.