Saturday, March 25, 2006

Autoway Ford

It’s a common saying at St. Petersburg that customer satisfaction initiates from 2525, 34th Street, North St Petersburg, FL 33713, the home of Autoway Ford St. Petersburg. Dealing in new and pre-owned vehicles, car financing, service and maintenance, rentals and also serving business customers all around the country, Autoway Ford St. Petersburg also keeps a keen eye on the customers’ unique benefits that include unique pricings and incentives. To find out more about the policies of of Autoway Ford St. Petersburg, the phone number 1-877 580-1617 or the
Fax number (727) 321-9188 shall come handy; else, you can mail them your queries at The driving route to the Autoway Ford St. Petersburg dealership is well elaborated through the road map provided inside the Autoway Ford St. Petersburg official website; else, for a step-by-step driving directions to Autoway Ford St. Petersburg, please enter the address or zip code of your starting location and click on Driving Directions.

The sections of Autoway Ford St. Petersburg operate on six different areas: New Vehicles, Pre-Owned Vehicles, Service and Maintenance, Parts, Body Shop and Rentals, extensively through a 12-hour work schedule throughout the week. While the New and pre-owned vehicles departments function from 9:00AM till 8:00PM on any given day of the week, on Saturdays, they close at 6 PM. Sundays are usually a late start for the Autoway Ford St. Petersburg; the working hours stretch till 6 pm only. Sundays, they operate from 12 noon till 5 in the afternoon. The Service and rentals departments stay open from 7 am till 7 pm, while the parts and the body shop functions between 8 am and 6 pm. Sundays and Saturdays, however, both of them remain closed.

Another field where Autoway Ford St. Petersburg excels is the Courtesy Delivery Service. The Courtesy Delivery Service by Autoway Ford St. Petersburg enables them to perform for the delivery of fleet vehicles. Courtesy Delivery comes as a boon to the Fleet customer because of the multiple destinations their ordered vehicles get shipped at. So whatever your intentions are, to buy a vehicle or to lease one out, not only there are great offers by Autoway Ford St. Petersburg on some of the most popular cars, trucks and SUVs in the country, but other attractive matched down payment programs as well. Autoway Ford St. Petersburg shall go to the extremes to get you a finance for any car that you choose.