Thursday, December 08, 2005

Select Comfort Stores

Select Comfort Stores have brought restful nights to the houses of over 3.5 million people. Realizing that people spend nearly a third of their lives in bed, Select Comfort Stores have attempted to offer the maximum amount of comfort to all sleepers around the globe! Select Comfort Stores really do put a good night's sleep first.

The renowned Select Comfort Sleep Number beds are beds with a mattress that is made according to a Sleep Number - a setting between zero and 100 that combines mattress comfort, firmness and support for the sleeper. From the Sleep Number 9000 Bed - boasting a 16" thick mattress - down to the Sleep Number 4000 Bed - offering that little bit more comfort than ordinary beds - Sleep Number Beds meet all consumers' needs.

What are unique to the Select Comfort Sleep Number Beds are the specially designed air cushions in between the mattress for added comfort, resulting in less tossing and turning during the night. Select Comfort has seized on the fact that if we need air to live, then we surely need air to sleep. For couples, the air cushioning on each side of the bed can be adjusted differently!

There are other, high-end mattresses available at Select Comfort Stores: the Expanded Queen bed, for those lacking the space for King-size; or the Grand King bed, 30% larger than an ordinary King-size. Select Comfort Stores also have Waterbed Replacements, Sofa Beds, RV Beds, and Precision Comfort Adjustable Foundations, all enabling any bed's adaptability to each individual's lifestyle - the ultimate concern of Select Comfort Stores.