Saturday, December 17, 2005

Four Stroke Reviews

The four stroke Yamaha YZ250F got more disappointing reviews from some who claim the Motocross bike doesn?t measure up to previous models in terms of power. That said, the bike is gaining a reputation for its performance in the middle?one test bike is said to have increased performance as it was ?broken in? by the review crew, but the latest model had the worst low-end performance of the three previously mentioned. According to some, the YZ250F does handle sufficiently when short-shifted, but the mid-range is this four-stroke machine?s biggest asset.
Of the three previously mentioned Motocross bikes, the CRF250R seems to be the ?jack of all trades? bike. It?s reported in some review circles that there is an improved level of performance over the previous year?s model, and the CRF is said to have quality low end. In addition, the bike is getting some reviewers talking about the top-end overrev. It?s being said that the CRF is the top performer when compared to the other machines listed here, being a very versatile machine to ride.

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