Sunday, September 14, 2008

Who Is Tom Rukavina?

Tom Rukavina is a member of the Minnesota House Of Representatives and has been since 1986 I believe. A member of the DFL from a district up north, Tom Rukavina has an interesting voting record where he sides with the liberal Minnesota DFL in most cases but votes against traditional liberal policies when it serves the rural voters of his district. A good example of this would be his opposition to the Minnesota Smoking Ban. This would be a no brainer for most liberals to vote for, they love control and love controlling what business owners can do with their private property. Tom Rukavina voted against it because non-smoking bars in rural towns are bad for business. While i'd rarely agree with a liberal member of the DFL in Minnesota, for private property rights reasons, I can applaud this particular opposition vote cast by Tom Rukavina. Looking at his broader voting record however I find it hard to find votes that do not support the traditional liberal adgenda handed down by the DFL in Saint Paul.