Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Coon Rapids Housing Market

If your looking to buy or rent a house in Coon Rapids Minnesota you can't find a better place. Coon Rapids is a bit of a puzzle to me because the city is HUGE, has a large tax base keeping property taxes low. Coon Rapids has almost as much if not more retail than more prestigious cities like Maple Grove. Yet the home prices in Coon Rapids are an excellent value and house rental prices are also very reasonable. Coon Rapids is 20 minutes from Minneapolis and 25 minutes from Saint Paul. Coon Rapids is home to Bunker Hills Regional Park and the Coon Rapids dam which bring folks from all over Minnesota for fun and recreation. Where you might pay $225,000 for a 1800 square foot split level from the 1980's in Maple Grove, you will pay $180-$210 for the same house. Newer homes from the late 80's and early 90's are also plentiful in Coon Rapids for under $250,000 and many times around the $215k level for a larger 2100 square foot home. I myself just purchased a nice mid 80's split level for just $207,000 needing just a handful of handyman type items. This house for rent will be available in mid January for about $1550 per month.