Sunday, September 30, 2007

Rock Of Love Winner Jess !!!

Today we find who is the winner of Rock Of Love. Will it be Heather the stripper or Jess the young one. Personally I hope it's Jess but Heather will likley go along better with the rock lifestyle. Heather also likes to wear cowboy hats just like Bret. Before the winner is chosen on tonights Rock Of Love i'm going to predict he'll choose Heather, (Wrong!) he seems to choose the skankier of the girls. Getween Jess and Heather I don't have to state who that might be.

So who do you think will win the Rock Of Love?

"When you kiss him you'll be licking me. Sloppy seconds baby!" - Heather

How desperate is Heather! Willing to share Bret with another girl. No way she's the Rock Of Love Winner.