Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Google Adsense vs CPA Affiliate Ads

So i've been testing some CPA ads from XY7.Com on a few mall sites. I have two California Mall sites that i've always wanted to monetize with something besides Google Adsense. I've tried affiliate links from CJ and Linkshare and never done real well. I do ok with Adsense but always wanted to have something else. I added a CPA link from XY7 where you get a buck for someone entering a zipcode. It's the Abercombie & Fitch ad. I ran it with the Adsense for a week and got about a buck per day. It didn't seem to harm the Adsense so I'm fairly happy. This week i'm going to test ouf replacing the adsense altogether with three CPA ads on my two Malls In California sites and see if pure CPA outperforms pure Adsense.